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Welcome to John's Cello Stools.

These stools are hand made in my shop out of Poplar.   The Studio Stool is intended to stay in the practice room.  It is adjustable in height from 11inches to 17 inches.  The seat is 18 X 12 inches.  The stool weighs approximately 8 pounds.   The Travel Stool is also hand made in my shop out of Poplar.  It is adjustable from 11 inches to 17 inches.  The lower the bolts are set the taller the stool.  The seat is 16 X 12  inches.  The stool folds flat much like a TV tray.  Excellent for taking to lessons and recitals, this stool weighs about 6 pounds.

Studio Stool
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The designs of these two stools are my own modifications and adjustments to plans found in Suzuki publications.   An adjustable stool that allows your young cellist to have proper posture while playing is so important to their development as a player and to avoid injury.  Whether you make your own, find a local place to purchase, or buy a stool from me, please support your child with the proper tools for the wonderful work that is making music.


How to order

Travel Stool
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